HGTV Is Not Real Life

This is the HGTV logo in turquoise

One of the main things buyers focus on is the aesthetics of a home. What kind of floors are there- wood, carpet, hard tile, etc? Are the counters a nice expensive-looking granite or a cheaper-looking typical laminate? The price is usually higher when nicer finishes are in the home.


Many reality shows on HGTV feature buyers who look at a few homes and pick one before the end of a half-hour episode. This is not the case in real life. You can look at dozens of homes before you narrow it down to a few choices. At that point it’s perfectly fine to visit the home a few times instead of quickly making an offer after the first look. The second or third looks can help you pick out things you didn’t notice the first time, both good and bad. Don’t be afraid to ask your Realtor® to schedule more showings of the same home. It’s probably the biggest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime, so you want to be as sure as possible before submitting an offer.


Aside from just the aesthetics of the home, it’s important to take into account other factors of the property, such as neighborhood, schools, proximity to places you frequent (grocery store, park, work, etc). Make sure the home you choose is a good fit for you. Is it the right size? Is it in a good neighborhood? Think of how long you plan to stay in the home. Will you be needing more bedrooms as your family grows? Of course you can always sell and buy a bigger home once that happens.


It’s also important to look at how well the house is constructed. If it’s an older home, you might have issues with the roof, electrical, foundation, etc.- which can all be pointed out by your home inspector during inspection. That’s a common contingency when submitting an offer. The contract is pending on whether the inspection goes well or not. Your Realtor® can recommend a good inspector to use.

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